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MSc IS - Application Questionnaire

MSc IS - Application Questionnaire Form

AU Student ID# - if you were previously a student of Athabasca University.



Please answer all the following questions in a few sentences.

  1. What are your primary reasons for applying to Athabasca University's Master of Science Information Systems Program?

  2. Do you have any particular areas of interest within information systems? If so, please describe them.

  3. What do you want to achieve through the Master's program? What are your personal and professional aspirations?

  4. What particular skills, resources and experiences do you have that will facilitate your completion of the degree?

  5. Exemptions from IS Foundations courses

    Please refer to the MSc IS Advanced Standing and Transfer Credit page for further information.

    As part of the admissions process, the program admissions committee reviews each applicant's credentials to determine whether the student should be exempted from any or all of the following IS Foundations courses: COMP501, COMP503, COMP504, COMP505, and COMP506.

    Please indicate which courses you may have the appropriate undergraduate or graduate academic credentials supported by relevant professional-level work experience.
    COMP501    COMP503    COMP504    COMP505    COMP506

  6. The MSc (IS) program currently has two suggested streams: Information Systems Technology (IST) and Information Systems Management (ISM).

    Which stream are you interested in pursuing?

    Information Systems Technology (IST)
    Information Systems Management (ISM)

  7. How did you learn about the Master of Science - Information Systems program?

  8. Are there any additional comments that you would like to make?

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